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Mallemort Photo Gallery

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort0014b.jpg

    1/14. Castle ruins at the top of Mallemort

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort0024b.jpg

    2/14. Mallemort church steeple and view north towards the Luberon mountains

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort0029b.jpg

    3/14. Devlish weather vane on the Mallemort church bell tower

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort0035b.jpg

    4/14. A Mallemort 'country' house, in the center of the town

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort0038b.jpg

    5/14. An old Mallemort house with an elaborate stone doorway

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort0040b.jpg

    6/14. Mallemort house doorway closeup

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort0007b.jpg

    7/14. Small side street in Mallemort

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort0044b.jpg

    8/14. Blue shutters and doors in Mallemort

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort0043b.jpg

    9/14. Pale ocre Mallemort building with sundial - The simple sundial was dated 1857

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort0050b.jpg

    10/14. The Mallemort tourist office, with bakery beside

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort0009b.jpg

    11/14. Mallemort church front, with steep belfry

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort0023b.jpg

    12/14. A pair of bridges across the Durance at Mallemort - The pillars are part of the old suspension bridge, hidden behind the new bridge

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort-bridge0009b.jpg

    13/14. The old suspension bridge across the Durance at Mallemort

  •  Mallemort photo mallemort-cats0002b.jpg

    14/14. Mallemort cat soaking up the sun - We don't often display the many Provence village cats we photograph, so this is an exception

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