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Lorgues Photo Gallery

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0041b.jpg

    1/20. Lorgues bell tower and campanile.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0018b.jpg

    2/20. Lorgues town hall and main street on a sunny winter day.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0021b.jpg

    3/20. Lorgues Bvd Georges Clemenceau and a non-market-day market.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0006b.jpg

    4/20. Lorgues' Fontaine de la Noix in the winter.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues065b.jpg

    5/20. Lorgues' Fontaine de la Noix with summer cyclists.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0010b.jpg

    6/20. Lorgues' Fontaine de la Noix detail.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0024b.jpg

    7/20. Colorful buildings on 'the other side' of Lorgues main street.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0027b.jpg

    8/20. Lorgues narrow street and bell tower campanile.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0039b.jpg

    9/20. Lorgues 12th-century defensive Porte Trébarry.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0061b.jpg

    10/20. Lorgues defensive Porte Sarrasine entering from Place St François.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0062b.jpg

    11/20. Lorgues Chapelle Saint Françios.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0064b.jpg

    12/20. Faded but still-colorful buildings in Lorgues.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0065b.jpg

    13/20. Brighter colored buildings in Lorgues, Place Neuve.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0066b.jpg

    14/20. And even brighter colored buildings in Lorgues.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0074b.jpg

    15/20. Colors, bare platans and blue sky at Lorgues Place Lionel Accarisio,

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0098b.jpg

    16/20. Colorful shutters and platan shadows, Lorgues Place d'Entrechaux.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0103b.jpg

    17/20. Winter plane tree (platan) in Lorgues.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0031b.jpg

    18/20. An ancient Lorgues fountain.

  •  Lorgues photo lorgues0051b.jpg

    19/20. One of Lorgues' many ancient doorways.

  •  Lorgues photo lorguessundial0009b.jpg

    20/20. Sundial and shutters at Lorgues Place de l'Eglise.

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