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Lagarde-d'Apt Photo Gallery

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt0001b.jpg

    1/13. This is pretty much the entire village of Lagarde-d'Apt in the Vaucluse

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt0008b.jpg

    2/13. The old St-Pierre and St-Paul church of Lagarde-d'Apt has the town hall (Mairie) added on to the side

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt-sundial0005b.jpg

    3/13. Sundial built into the round church window at Lagarde-d'Apt, Vaucluse

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt0029b.jpg

    4/13. Very large, old farm-barn at Lagarde-d'Apt is for sale (2015)

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt0031b.jpg

    5/13. Sculpted medieval doorway on the empty farm building at Lagarde-d'Apt, Vaucluse

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt0011b.jpg

    6/13. The old auberge at Lagarde-d'Apt is even missing its name

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt0015b.jpg

    7/13. Out buildings attached to the defunct auberge at Lagarde-d'Apt are well tended

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt0027b.jpg

    8/13. Hiking signpost at Lagarde-d'Apt "village", with walking distances to nearby villages

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt0005b.jpg

    9/13. The Memory Circuits honoring the 1943-44 resistance sites at Lagarde-d'Apt

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt-esfourniaux0002b.jpg

    10/13. The Ferme Auberge at Les Esfourniaux, 1.4 km up a little road from Lagarde-d'Apt

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt-esfourniaux0006b.jpg

    11/13. Les Esfourniaux deer park and information panels for Red Deer, Fallow Deer and Roe Deer

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt-esfourniaux0021b.jpg

    12/13. Part of a red deer (cerfs) herd far out on the fenced prairie at Les Esfourniaux, Lagarde-d'Apt

  •  Lagarde-d'Apt photo lagarde-apt-esfourniaux0027b.jpg

    13/13. A roe deer (chevreuil) herd at Les Esfourniaux deer park, Lagarde-d'Apt

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