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Lacoste Photo Gallery

  •  Lacoste photo lacoste078B.jpg

    1/8. Side view of the perched village of Lacoste - And the hills beyond.

  •  Lacoste photo lacoste0001b.jpg

    2/8. External view of the perched village of Lacoste

  •  Lacoste photo lacoste0006b.jpg

    3/8. Lacoste village café. Café du Sade was small and friendly.

  •  Lacoste photo lacoste0012b.jpg

    4/8. An ancient fortified gateway in Lacoste

  •  Lacoste photo lacoste0016b.jpg

    5/8. Lacoste stone streets, ancient Boulangerie.

  •  Lacoste photo lacoste0017b.jpg

    6/8. Lacoste stone steps, street, gateway.

  •  Lacoste photo lacoste0019b.jpg

    7/8. Vaulted passage beneath bell tower of Lacoste

  •  Lacoste photo lacoste0027b.jpg

    8/8. Chateau du Sade ruins in Lacoste

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