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Joucas Photo Gallery

  •  Joucas photo joucas0003b.jpg

    1/16. Perched village of Joucas seen from the southeast

  •  Joucas photo joucas0004b.jpg

    2/16. Joucas village viewed from across the vineyards at the southwest

  •  Joucas photo joucas0011b.jpg

    3/16. Main street into Joucas village, past the épicerie and La Terrace café-restaurant

  •  Joucas photo joucas0024b.jpg

    4/16. An ancient doorway at the top of Rue Grande in Joucas village

  •  Joucas photo joucas0028b.jpg

    5/16. Joucas village Place de la Fontaine and Rue de l'Eglise left towards the church

  •  Joucas photo joucas0031b.jpg

    6/16. Joucas village Place de la Fontaine, with a 'calade' step-street up the hill at the right

  •  Joucas photo joucas0032b.jpg

    7/16. The Joucas village fountain being put to use

  •  Joucas photo joucas0038b.jpg

    8/16. A long, stone 'calade' step-street up past stone walls to the top of Joucas village

  •  Joucas photo joucas0060b.jpg

    9/16. Stone streets, stone walls, stone houses in Joucas village

  •  Joucas photo joucas0051b.jpg

    10/16. Gateway style entry at the northwest top of Joucas village

  •  Joucas photo joucas0057b.jpg

    11/16. View down the northwest cobblestone street of Joucas village, overlooking Saint-Jean-Baptiste church

  •  Joucas photo joucas0064b.jpg

    12/16. Front of the 18th-century Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, beside the Joucas village post office

  •  Joucas photo joucas0067b.jpg

    13/16. Joucas village town hall (Mairie) on the little square with the church

  •  Joucas photo joucas-sundial0005b.jpg

    14/16. Ancient plaque-style sundial high on the building beside the Joucas town hall

  •  Joucas photo joucas-windmill0001b.jpg

    15/16. Nicely restored windmill just 400 m east of Joucas village

  •  Joucas photo joucas067b.jpg

    16/16. This stone borie is on a road just outside Joucas village

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