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Hyères Photo Gallery

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0063b.jpg

    1/23. View south across the roofs of Hyères from Sainte Claire Park

  •  Hyères photo hyeres006b.jpg

    2/23. Looking down on Hyères old town from the gardens above

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0010b.jpg

    3/23. Hyères market on Place George Clémenceau

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0089b.jpg

    4/23. Fresh produce market stalls on Rue Portalet in the center of Hyères old town

  •  Hyères photo hyeres081b.jpg

    5/23. Terrace café-restaurants in the main Place Massillon of Hyères old town

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0024b.jpg

    6/23. Place Massillon in the heart of Hyères old town has terrace café-restaurants and the Templars Tower of St-Blaise

  •  Hyères photo hyeres-templars0007b.jpg

    7/23. Long circular stairway inside the Templars Tower of Hyères are steep and very narrow

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0029b.jpg

    8/23. Hyères' Collegial Church Saint-Paul viewed from the top of St-Blaise Tower

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0058b.jpg

    9/23. Narrow and vaulted Rue St Paul was an old porte inton Hyères

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0103b.jpg

    10/23. Place de la Republique in the old town of Hyères

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0112b.jpg

    11/23. Eglise Saint-Louis at the top end of Place de la Republique in Hyères

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0121b.jpg

    12/23. Narrow and colorful Rue Saint Francois in Hyères

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0146b.jpg

    13/23. Hidden but lovely Place de L'Oustaou Rou in Hyères

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0163b.jpg

    14/23. Very picturesque Rue Rabaton in Hyères, with a row of olive trees

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0187b.jpg

    15/23. Facade sculptures on Ave des Iles d'Or shopping street in Hyères

  •  Hyères photo hyeres001b.jpg

    16/23. A period piece schoolhouse in Hyères, still in use as a schoolhouse

  •  Hyères photo hyeres083b.jpg

    17/23. Hyères cobblestone step-street Rue du Repos leading up to "Porte Peniscola"

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0071b.jpg

    18/23. Old fortress ruins in Ste-Claire park above the north side of Hyères old town

  •  Hyères photo hyeres-chateau0014b.jpg

    19/23. A corner of Chateau d'Hyères overlooking the hills north of the town

  •  Hyères photo hyeres078b.jpg

    20/23. The Tour-Fondue fortress on Hyères' Presqu'ile de Giens, viewed from the land side

  •  Hyères photo hyeres022b.jpg

    21/23. The Tour-Fondue fortress on the Presqu'ile de Giens, of Hyères

  •  Hyères photo hyeres0007b.jpg

    22/23. Blue Mediterranean coast of Hyères, south of the old town

  •  Hyères photo hyeres-sundial092b.jpg

    23/23. A simple but ancient sundial in the old town of Hyères

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