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Grimaud Photo Gallery

  •  Grimaud photo grimaud0098.jpg

    1/12. Grimaud village and chateau ruins.

  •  Grimaud photo grimaud0081w.jpg

    2/12. Panoramique view of the Golfe du St Tropez from Grimaud - Viewed from the chateau; the town of Saint Tropez is across the bay in the center (the whitest area).

  •  Grimaud photo grimaud0053.jpg

    3/12. Grimaud Village street. These step-streets going up through an vaulted passage beside the Place Vieille to Rue des Templiers.

  •  Grimaud photo grimaud0015.jpg

    4/12. Grimaud Arcades of Rue des Templiers.

  •  Grimaud photo grimaud0028.jpg

    5/12. An ancient two-lion stone fountain at Grimaud

  •  Grimaud photo grimaud0020.jpg

    6/12. Grimaud Sundial (cadran de soleil). It's not ancient, but very nicely done.

  •  Grimaud photo grimaud0119.jpg

    7/12. Grimaud vaulted passage

  •  Grimaud photo grimaud0046.jpg

    8/12. Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs of Grimaud

  •  Grimaud photo grimaud0078.jpg

    9/12. Grimaud windmill (moulin à vent). The 17th-century Saint Roch's windmill.

  •  Grimaud photo grimaud0103b.jpg

    10/12. The 11th-century Chateau ruins at Grimaud

  •  Grimaud photo grimaud0038.jpg

    11/12. View from the chateau window at Grimaud

  •  Grimaud photo grimaud0110.jpg

    12/12. Grimaud Chateau ramparts and view of the sea.

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