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Grignan Photo Gallery

  •  Grignan photo grignan0002b.jpg

    1/10. Grignan village perched on a bump on a wide plain

  •  Grignan photo grignan0004b.jpg

    2/10. Grignan village tucked in around its Medieval castle - 10th-century Saint-Vincent Chapel at the right

  •  Grignan photo grignan0010b.jpg

    3/10. Lavoir du Mail of Grignan, 17th century. 16 Doric columns, named from the local game of Mail, similar to croquet

  •  Grignan photo grignan0018b.jpg

    4/10. Grignan village bell tower

  •  Grignan photo grignan0019b.jpg

    5/10. Some of the walled houses ringing the castle of Grignan

  •  Grignan photo grignan0023b.jpg

    6/10. Sévigné Fountain, built in 1857, with a statue of the marquise de Sévigné

  •  Grignan photo grignan0025b.jpg

    7/10. Grignan village clock-bell tower detail

  •  Grignan photo grignan0042b.jpg

    8/10. Castle entrance to the Chateau de Grignan

  •  Grignan photo grignan0051b.jpg

    9/10. 16th-century Collégiale de Grignan, rebuilt in the 17th century.

  •  Grignan photo grignan0054b.jpg

    10/10. A picturesque restaurant in the village of Grignan

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