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Gaujac Photo Gallery

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0006b.jpg

    1/19. Gaujac village viewed from the local sports field

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0118b.jpg

    2/19. An aerial view of Gaujac village - Mont Ventoux in the distant haze at the left

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0003b.jpg

    3/19. Gaujac winery murals: 'Come Here - There's Good Wine'

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0026b.jpg

    4/19. Fortified old village of Gaujac, with church steeple behind and clock tower at the right

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0030b.jpg

    5/19. Entry portal into the fortified old village of Gaujac

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0131b.jpg

    6/19. The 19th-century church in the center of the fortified part of Gaujac village

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0128b.jpg

    7/19. Wrought iron campanile on the Gaujac clock tower

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0105b.jpg

    8/19. Gaujac town hall (mairie), with flags for Languedoc, France and Europe

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0126b.jpg

    9/19. Building at the bottom end of Gaujac's Place de la Liberté, with the Café open and the town hall flags at the right

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0010b.jpg

    10/19. Gaujac's wide Place de la Liberté, south side

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0108b.jpg

    11/19. Gaujac's wide Place de la Liberté, north side

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0101b.jpg

    12/19. The ancient, original fountain of Gaujac village

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0104b.jpg

    13/19. The flat side of the ancient fountain of Gaujac village

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0067b.jpg

    14/19. Small Thursday market in Gaujac with all necessary foods, including a mobile bakery

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0051b.jpg

    15/19. Stone window oval on a Medieval wall in Gaujac village

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0117b.jpg

    16/19. The Gaujac library, open Monday and Wednesday afternoons, with its glass floor

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac0117bcc.jpg

    17/19. The old lavoir is beneath this glass floor in the Gaujac library

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac-st-jean0014b.jpg

    18/19. Chapel Saint Jean southeast of Gaujac village

  •  Gaujac photo gaujac-st-saturnin0012b.jpg

    19/19. Chapel Saint Saturnin west of Gaujac village

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