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Gap Photo Gallery

  •  Gap photo gap0180b.jpg

    1/19. Saturday flea market on Gap's Place de la Republique

  •  Gap photo gap0207b.jpg

    2/19. The Gap municipal swimming pool, began as the planned public baths

  •  Gap photo gap0209b.jpg

    3/19. Place de la Republique at night, with terrace cafés and the fountain

  •  Gap photo gap0155b.jpg

    4/19. Nighttime on the main square of Place Marcellin in the center of Gap old town

  •  Gap photo gap0235b.jpg

    5/19. Walk-through fountain on the Place Gavotte in Gap

  •  Gap photo gap0156b.jpg

    6/19. Gap's colorful Office de Tourisme on Place Marcellin, with some of the free bicycles available

  •  Gap photo gap0158b.jpg

    7/19. The 19th-century Notre-Dame et Saint-Arnoux Cathedral in Gap

  •  Gap photo gap0058b.jpg

    8/19. An 'Artist Bakery' on Rue Peroliere in the old town of Gap

  •  Gap photo gap0108b.jpg

    9/19. A small covered lavoir on the enclosed square of La Placette in Gap

  •  Gap photo gap052b.jpg

    10/19. The Place Alsace Lorraine at the northeast end of Gap old town

  •  Gap photo gap0361b.jpg

    11/19. Kid accosting bronze woman reading a book by the fountain in Gap

  •  Gap photo gap0258b.jpg

    12/19. Fountain by the Place Euzières at the southwest end of Gap old town

  •  Gap photo gap0280b.jpg

    13/19. Dancer at the bow of the dancing school on Rue Pasteur - Rue Perolière in Gap

  •  Gap photo gap0330b.jpg

    14/19. Dancing in the street in Gap, on Esplanade de la Paix (Nelson Mandela)

  •  Gap photo gap0273b.jpg

    15/19. The 19th-century lycée national Dominique Villars in Gap

  •  Gap photo gap0277b.jpg

    16/19. Detail of the Lycée Dominique Villars clock tower, dated 1886

  •  Gap photo gap0084b.jpg

    17/19. A wall mural map of Gap, as the town appeared in 1899

  •  Gap photo gap-market0035b.jpg

    18/19. Fresh local fruits in the Saturday market of Gap

  •  Gap photo gap-sundial0005b.jpg

    19/19. Top part of the sundial on the Place de la Republique in Gap

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