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Florac Photo Gallery

  •  Florac photo florac0245b.jpg

    1/24. The Florac Chateau with the church steeple at the left

  •  Florac photo florac0249b.jpg

    2/24. The lovely 17th-century Chateau de Florac

  •  Florac photo florac0006b.jpg

    3/24. Florac stretched along a vallley in the Cévennes, viewed from the high plateau Causse Méjan

  •  Florac photo florac0016b.jpg

    4/24. Florac, viewed from the GR68 high to the northeast; the Causse Méjan plateau in the distance

  •  Florac photo florac0019b.jpg

    5/24. Florac town center viewed from above

  •  Florac photo florac0195b.jpg

    6/24. Reflections on the river pond in Florac, looking west with the Causse Méjan plateau behind

  •  Florac photo florac0203b.jpg

    7/24. The river pond in Florac and its picturesque dam near the Mairie

  •  Florac photo florac0215b.jpg

    8/24. Night view down the "source" (Vibron) river in the heart of Florac, with a duck cage boat

  •  Florac photo florac0235b.jpg

    9/24. Night in the center of Florac with a lighted bridge, and the chateau in the center

  •  Florac photo florac0043b.jpg

    10/24. The narrow trestle bridge crossing the river at Florac, for pedestrians and vehicules

  •  Florac photo florac0052b.jpg

    11/24. Ave Jean Monestier, the main road through the length of Florac (if you don't stay on the bypass road)

  •  Florac photo florac0075b.jpg

    12/24. The Sous Préfecture de Florac on the Esplanade Marceau Farelle, with a covered passage towards the river

  •  Florac photo florac0145b.jpg

    13/24. The Esplanade Marceau Farelle in the center of Florac has terrace restaurants and shops, and shade

  •  Florac photo florac0154b.jpg

    14/24. Place du Souvenir (for remembrance, not knick-knacks) in Florac, backed by the cliffs of the Causse Méjan plateau

  •  Florac photo florac0133b.jpg

    15/24. An iron fountain in front of the town hall (mairie), and a "selfie"

  •  Florac photo florac0173b.jpg

    16/24. An ancient and elaborate iron fountain at Place Boyer in Florac

  •  Florac photo florac0178b.jpg

    17/24. The Medieval looking Rue Armand Jullié heading through the center of Florac from Place Boyer

  •  Florac photo florac0162b.jpg

    18/24. An almost real cat-in-the-window trompe-l'oeil in the center of Florac

  •  Florac photo florac0190b.jpg

    19/24. An amazing entire wall of trompe-l'oeil at Place Jean Roux in the heart of old Florac

  •  Florac photo florac0119b.jpg

    20/24. Natural slate tiles being retiled on a Florac roof

  •  Florac photo florac0105b.jpg

    21/24. The fish farm (pisciculture) of Florac ws created in 1968 to raise rainbow trout. In 2008 it had 7,000 trout and 120,000 fingerlings and all were destroyed because of a contamination problem.

  •  Florac photo florac0130b.jpg

    22/24. Florac's main square, Place Louis Dides, on a sunny afternoon

  •  Florac photo florac-music0027b.jpg

    23/24. Florac's main square, starting to liven up as the evening's Fete de la Musique begins

  •  Florac photo florac-music0020b.jpg

    24/24. Fete de la Music - with dancing on the main square most of the night in Florac

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