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Flayosc Photo Gallery

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc038b.jpg

    1/14. Flayosc village exterior - Oct 1996

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc0020b.jpg

    2/14. Flayosc village exterior - April 2008

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc035b.jpg

    3/14. The fountain at the Place de la République in Flayoc.

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc037b.jpg

    4/14. The lovely Flayosc "lavoir", 1996. The sunny stone wall at the back is the beginning of a canal walkway the passes through a "hidden" part of Flayosc village.

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc0030b.jpg

    5/14. The lovely Flayosc "lavoir", 2008. Since 1996 only the gilded iron railing has been added.

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc0040b.jpg

    6/14. A canal and walkway that passes through a "hidden" part of Flayosc, beginning at the lavoir.

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc026b.jpg

    7/14. The Flayosc church bell tower with campanile on top.

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc0056b.jpg

    8/14. A recent (2008) close-up of the Flayosc campanile.

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc031b.jpg

    9/14. A tractor load of grapes through the center of Flayosc village.

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc0051b.jpg

    10/14. Provencal pastel colors in Flayosc, at the Ave François Dol.

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc0063b.jpg

    11/14. Sunday petanque games in Flayosc.

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc004b.jpg

    12/14. Roman bridge west. Located 6 km NW of Flayosc, in the commune of Tourtour.

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc009b.jpg

    13/14. Roman bridge east. Located 6 km NW of Flayosc, in the commune of Tourtour.

  •  Flayosc photo flayosc014b.jpg

    14/14. Flayosc cascade. Beside an abandonded mill, 3 km south of Flayosc at the Chateau de Florièye (ruins).

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