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Eyragues Photo Gallery

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0001b.jpg

    1/20. The 12th-century Saint-Maxime church in Eyragues

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0004b.jpg

    2/20. Eyragues 12th-c Saint-Maxime church's 17th-c steeple and graven clock face

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0020b.jpg

    3/20. The stone facade of the Eyragues town hall (Mairie), with flags for Europe, France and the town

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0022b.jpg

    4/20. The Eyragues Office de Tourisme, beside the main square, doubles at the town library

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0007b.jpg

    5/20. Flower stand at the Friday market in Eyragues

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0018b.jpg

    6/20. Summer strolling through Eyragues' Friday market

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0015b.jpg

    7/20. Eyragues market day, with fountain and the Saint-Maxime church behind

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0013b.jpg

    8/20. A pretty fountain on the main square of Eyragues

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0026b.jpg

    9/20. Eyragues shoppers exiting the bakery

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0031b.jpg

    10/20. This Eyragues butcher (boucherie) announces "Taureau" sausages and steaks - the Camargue bulls aren't just for the arena events

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0032b.jpg

    11/20. The Camarge-style Grand Rue in Eyragues - half way down is La Taniere restaurant

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0043b.jpg

    12/20. A Provence pastel house on Grand Rue in Eyragues village

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0047b.jpg

    13/20. A carved stone face on a courtyard wall on Grand Rue in Eyragues

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0048b.jpg

    14/20. Narrow streets and a shaded upper porch on Rue de Planet in Eyragues village

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0083b.jpg

    15/20. Rue de Clocher in the heart of old Eyragues, with one of eleven wall niches remaining in the village

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0088b.jpg

    16/20. Faded pink shutters on an old house in the old town of Eyragues

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0058b.jpg

    17/20. The Portail du Moulin is the 17th-century fortified entry at the north side of Eyragues

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues0065b.jpg

    18/20. Waterwheel for the 19th-centry Moulin de la Porte at the northeast corner of Eyragues

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues-dining0005b.jpg

    19/20. Marmite du Pecheur at L'Abrivado in Eyragues for Friday lunch, with a good spicy Rouille sauce

  •  Eyragues photo eyragues-map-17th.jpg

    20/20. Map of Eyragues and its fortifications in 1638

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