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Eygalières Photo Gallery

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres0005b.jpg

    1/16. Ancient clock tower on the hill overlooking Eygalières village

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres0002b.jpg

    2/16. Eygalières village in Provence

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres0015b.jpg

    3/16. Church in the village center of Eygalières

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres-scan001b.jpg

    4/16. Aerial view of Eygalières from about 1960 - old postcard, prepared by Michel Jayet, Eyragues

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres0113b.jpg

    5/16. Colorful marketplace baskets in Eygalières village

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres0103b.jpg

    6/16. Garlic and flowers at Eygalières' Friday market

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres0009b.jpg

    7/16. A faded old sign in the village of Eygalières - telling you to Read Le Petit Provençal, a long-defunct local newspaper

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres0031b.jpg

    8/16. Medieval doorway and blue shutters in Eygalières village

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres0079b.jpg

    9/16. Medieval doorway on what seems to be ruins of the old chateau in Eygalières

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres0034b.jpg

    10/16. Some old ruins hidden away in the upper part of Eygalières village

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres0048b.jpg

    11/16. The 12th-century Saint Laurent church in Eygalières village

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres-museum0009b.jpg

    12/16. Eygalières' 12th-century St-Laurent church interior - exhibition Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota (2013)

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres0051b.jpg

    13/16. Eygalières' 16th-century Chapelle des Pénitents, currently the Pezet Museum

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres0059b.jpg

    14/16. Ruins of the Chapelle des Pénitents belfry and the view from the upper part of Eygalières

  •  Eygalières photo eygalieres-sundial0003b.jpg

    15/16. Old sundial on Rue de la République in Eygalières village

  •  Eygalières photo st-sixte-chapel0006b.jpg

    16/16. The 12th-century Saint-Sixte Chapel - just over 1 km east of the center of Eygalières

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