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Entrevaux Photo Gallery

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux076b.jpg

    1/22. Entrevaux viewed from the north. Using a natural fortified gateway, the village is in the notch at the lower-right, and the rock wall rises up to the citadel at the left.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0104b.jpg

    2/22. Entrevaux's citadel high on the rock.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0106b.jpg

    3/22. Entrevaux walled village and citadel. Viewed from the "outer village" area, on the hillside above the railway station.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0017b.jpg

    4/22. Entrevaux citadel above the village. The fortified gates line the walled path up to the citadel. At the bottom of the path (lower left) is the gate house and the "poudrière" powder-magazine museum.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0124b.jpg

    5/22. Entrevaux walled mediveval village aerial view. Seen from the citadel.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0109b.jpg

    6/22. Entrevaux walled mediveval village, closer aerial view.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux083b.jpg

    7/22. Entrevaux's natural moat entry to the gateway towers.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0024b.jpg

    8/22. Entrevaux's walled village entry,with outer and inner gatehouses.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0030b.jpg

    9/22. The "drawbridge" entry into Entrevaux walled town.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0096b.jpg

    10/22. Top of pathway to the Entrevaux citadel. One more drawbridge here before you get to the citadel's inner fortifications.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0037b.jpg

    11/22. Entrevaux church, aerial view.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0073b.jpg

    12/22. Entrevaux village street, and pain d'epice (spice bread) shop.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0050b.jpg

    13/22. Entrevaux village street, and design choices for sitting.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0042b.jpg

    14/22. Entrevaux village street, quite with the shops closed at mid-day. The blue trim at the left house a nice little restaurant (see next photo)

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0066b.jpg

    15/22. Entrevaux's "L'Ambassade" restaurant is nicely decorated.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0048b.jpg

    16/22. Entrevaux's communal bread oven, frozen in time. This is the interior of the "Four banal".

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0059b.jpg

    17/22. An Entrevaux "trompe l'oeil" wall. One of the most effective "trompe l'oeil" paintings we've seen.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0065b.jpg

    18/22. An Entrevaux vaulted passage in the walled town.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0085b.jpg

    19/22. An Entrevaux multi-arched stone aqueduct. Along the top of an arched bridge, across from the walled town.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0097b.jpg

    20/22. Entrevaux Citadel Map. A photo of the map you'll find at the citadel entry at the top.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevauxsundial0004b.jpg

    21/22. Entrevaux town hall (mairie), with sundial.

  •  Entrevaux photo entrevaux0016b.jpg

    22/22. Entrevaux walled-town south and citadel.

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