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Entrecasteaux Photo Gallery

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0030b.jpg

    1/21. Entrecasteaux chateau and park, April 2005. Less trees from 1996 but a new 3-dimensional sundial in the fountain pool.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux021b.jpg

    2/21. Entrecasteaux chateau and park, May 1996. Compared with the previous photo, we have a lot more trees and foliage that disappeared in the 11 intervening years.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0065b.jpg

    3/21. Entrecasteaux chateau park and part of the village.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0070b.jpg

    4/21. Entrecasteaux village center. The town hall (mairie is in the little church-looking building in the center.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0031b.jpg

    5/21. Entrecasteaux village center and town hall (mairie).

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0032b.jpg

    6/21. Entrecasteaux chateau and main-square fountain.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0075b.jpg

    7/21. Entrecasteaux village street. This is the main D13 road passinge through part of the village.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0076b.jpg

    8/21. Entrecasteaux 18th-century fountain and lavoir. Close-up of the fountain visible in the previous photo.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0080b.jpg

    9/21. Entrecasteaux village beside the river. The river Bresque running alongside the village.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0082b.jpg

    10/21. Entrecasteaux village and step-street.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux003b.jpg

    11/21. Entrecasteaux "aerial" view of the village.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0041b.jpg

    12/21. Entrecasteaux village doorway.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0049b.jpg

    13/21. Entrecasteaux original entrance passage. This was the entry road in Medieval times.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0066b.jpg

    14/21. Entrecasteaux, end of the chateau.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0063b.jpg

    15/21. Ancient gate coat-of-arms at the Entrecasteaux chateau.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0056b.jpg

    16/21. Entrecasteaux chateau 18th-century ice-house.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0059b.jpg

    17/21. 14th-century Saint-Sauveur church, on the hill beside the chateau.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0051b.jpg

    18/21. Entrecasteaux farm and old bridge. Viewed from the chateau.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux097b.jpg

    19/21. Old "Roman" bridge, by the cemetery at the edge of Entrecasteaux.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0013b.jpg

    20/21. Sunny sundial on Entrecasteaux auberge building.

  •  Entrecasteaux photo entrecasteaux0035b.jpg

    21/21. Ancient Entrecasteaux sundial. One of a pair on a building in the center of the village.

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