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Couiza Photo Gallery

  •  Couiza photo couiza0032b.jpg

    1/8. The 16th-century Chateau de Couiza. Built by the Dukes of Joyeuse, it's now Les Ducs de Joyeuse hotel and restaurant, and very refurbished looking.

  •  Couiza photo couiza0014b.jpg

    2/8. Couiza village sitting in the Aude valley, with vineyard. Looking southeast across the town, towards Esperaza (near the bright spot in the hills at the far right).

  •  Couiza photo couiza0034b.jpg

    3/8. Couiza village from above. That's the Salz river in the center, just before it joins the Aude in the trees; looking northwest from the road up to Rennes-le-Chateau village.

  •  Couiza photo couiza0043b.jpg

    4/8. The stone bridge across the Aude river at Couiza.

  •  Couiza photo couiza0045b.jpg

    5/8. Couiza 'very' low cost commerce. The sign translates to 'help yourself - free', beside someone's front gate.

  •  Couiza photo couiza-rail0009b.jpg

    6/8. The Couiza-Montazel railway station. An old station and a modern railway car, heading north towards Carcassonne.

  •  Couiza photo couiza0046b.jpg

    7/8. One of Couiza's derelict factories, with the old parking lot turned into a nice little park.

  •  Couiza photo couiza0051b.jpg

    8/8. A peek inside the old factory at Couiza. Looking like the crew just walked away a few minutes ago. An old calendar on a desk top had Friday the 13th circled.

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