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Claviers Photo Gallery

  •  Claviers photo claviers002b.jpg

    1/10. Campanile on top of the Claviers village bell tower

  •  Claviers photo claviers002.jpg

    2/10. Bell tower and campanile.

  •  Claviers photo claviers041.jpg

    3/10. Hidden village. It's perched along a ridge, but still lost in a forest of higher hills.

  •  Claviers photo claviers004.jpg

    4/10. Closer village.

  •  Claviers photo claviers0017.jpg

    5/10. Abandonded mill.

  •  Claviers photo claviers0033.jpg

    6/10. Houses in the center.

  •  Claviers photo claviers0041.jpg

    7/10. Vaulted passage.

  •  Claviers photo claviers0013.jpg

    8/10. Ancient doorway.

  •  Claviers photo claviers0025.jpg

    9/10. Lavoir with brick columns.

  •  Claviers photo claviers0012.jpg

    10/10. The old railway station. The ancient "gare" (see Lost Railways) is now a private residence. The tracks passed behind the house.

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