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Castellane Photo Gallery

  •  Castellane photo castellane0103b.jpg

    1/20. Castellane Town Hall, backed by Le Roc

  •  Castellane photo castellane0110b.jpg

    2/20. Le Roc dominating Castellane, with the Medieval Roc bridge below at the right

  •  Castellane photo castellane006b.jpg

    3/20. Castellane medieval bridge and early morning Verdon river and mountains

  •  Castellane photo castellane083b.jpg

    4/20. Castellane medieval bridge, Verdon river and mountains, on a sunny day

  •  Castellane photo castellane084b.jpg

    5/20. The center of Castellane, with the 14th-century Pentagonal Keep on the hillside

  •  Castellane photo castellane0048b.jpg

    6/20. Cyclists heading out from the fountain at the main square of Castellane

  •  Castellane photo castellane0084b.jpg

    7/20. Busy shopping and narrow streets in the Medieval part of Castellane

  •  Castellane photo castellane0049b.jpg

    8/20. Portal into Castellane Medieval town at St Augustine's gate, known as Gate of the Clock

  •  Castellane photo castellane0054b.jpg

    9/20. Facade of Castellane Office de Tourisme on Bvd Saint-Michel, with its sundial

  •  Castellane photo castellane-sundial0005b.jpg

    10/20. Interesting and detailed sundial on the Office de Tourisme in Castellane

  •  Castellane photo castellane0006b.jpg

    11/20. Shepherd mural greets you when you enter Castellane from the direction of Grasse and the Cote d'Azur

  •  Castellane photo castellane0100b.jpg

    12/20. Most of the windows on this colorful building in Castellane are trompe l'oeil

  •  Castellane photo castellane0071b.jpg

    13/20. Castellane buildings at Rue du Mazeau, with beautiful wall mural of the town

  •  Castellane photo castellane0077b.jpg

    14/20. Detail of the Castellane wall mural depicting Castellane

  •  Castellane photo castellane079b.jpg

    15/20. Castellane fountain and café on Rue de la Fountaine

  •  Castellane photo castellane0079b.jpg

    16/20. A hiker at the Bureau du Guides in the heart of Castellane old town

  •  Castellane photo castellane0014b.jpg

    17/20. Bell tower of the old parish church Saint-Victor from the 13th century

  •  Castellane photo castellane-sundial0014b.jpg

    18/20. Caisse d'Epargne building sundial, already fading in 2009

  •  Castellane photo castellane043b.jpg

    19/20. Kayaks on the Verdon river beside the center of Castellane

  •  Castellane photo castellane-sheep0012b.jpg

    20/20. Leaving Castellane towards Verdon Gorges, traffic sometimes caused by the locals, not the tourists

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