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Cassis Photo Gallery

  •  Cassis photo cassis0017b.jpg

    1/20. Cassis town, bay and the Calanques national park hills behind

  •  Cassis photo cassis0025b.jpg

    2/20. Looking down on Cassis town and harbor, from Route des Cretes

  •  Cassis photo cassis0145b.jpg

    3/20. North side of Cassis harbor, Quai Jean Jacque Barthelemy

  •  Cassis photo cassis0196b.jpg

    4/20. Mediterranean pastel building along the quay at the harbor of Cassis

  •  Cassis photo cassis0148b.jpg

    5/20. Small fishing boats moored in Cassis harbor

  •  Cassis photo cassis0160b.jpg

    6/20. Small boats and tourists along the Quai des Baux at the inner end of Cassis harbor

  •  Cassis photo cassis0159b.jpg

    7/20. Row of the famous pointu Provencal fishing boats in Cassis harbor

  •  Cassis photo cassis0112b.jpg

    8/20. Cassis town-center beach, Plage de la Grande Mer, looking east

  •  Cassis photo cassis0122b.jpg

    9/20. View west from Cassis Plage de la Grande Mer and across the bay

  •  Cassis photo cassis0093b.jpg

    10/20. A Cassis carousel, with a Jules Verne theme

  •  Cassis photo cassis0172b.jpg

    11/20. A small Calanques tour boat out of Cassis, passing the stone-shelf beach 'Les Calanques'

  •  Cassis photo cassis0165b.jpg

    12/20. A pair of kayakers heading out of Cassis, probably for the Calanques

  •  Cassis photo calanques0032b.jpg

    13/20. Calanque Sugiton entry in the cliffs beside Cassis village

  •  Cassis photo cassis0212b.jpg

    14/20. The Chateau de Cassis overlooking the harbor

  •  Cassis photo cassis031b.jpg

    15/20. Vineyards of the famous Cassis wine, and cliffs to the northeast

  •  Cassis photo cassis0045b.jpg

    16/20. Artists market (marché d'art) in the center of Cassis

  •  Cassis photo cassis081b.jpg

    17/20. The hurdy-gurdy man at an open-air art market in Cassis

  •  Cassis photo cassis0064b.jpg

    18/20. A potter working his wheel in the weekly market of Cassis

  •  Cassis photo cassis0087b.jpg

    19/20. The Cassis 'road train' that tours outside the town

  •  Cassis photo cassis038b.jpg

    20/20. Cyclists riding into Cassis, our photo from May 1998

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