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Carcassonne Town Photo Gallery

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0006b.jpg

    1/18. Canal du Midi and nice parks in the center of Carcassonne, from the Marengo bridge

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0082b.jpg

    2/18. Medieval view southward of Carcassonne town and the citadel beyond

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0067b.jpg

    3/18. Medieval entry Portail des Jacobins at the south side of Carcassonne town center

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0005b.jpg

    4/18. Carcassonne town center at Bvd Marechal Joffre near the canal

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0062b.jpg

    5/18. Rue Georges Clemenceau in the center of Carcassonne town

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0015b.jpg

    6/18. The narrow Rue de Verdun through the center of Carcassonne

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0019b.jpg

    7/18. Market place at Place Carnot in Carcassonne town

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0034b.jpg

    8/18. White marble Neptune fountain in Carcassonne, Place Carnot

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0037b.jpg

    9/18. Carcassonne's Neptune fountain detail

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0044b.jpg

    10/18. A genuine, and lovely, bookstore, on Rue Armagnac in Carcassonne

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0101b.jpg

    11/18. Lovely trompe-l'oeil wall murals, entering Carcassonne town f r om the east side

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0050b.jpg

    12/18. Beautiful old classical 'tower' house, Ave Pierre Semard, Carcassonne

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0104b.jpg

    13/18. Ancient sculpture, and modern sculptures in a Carcassonne park

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0054b.jpg

    14/18. Oval locks where Canal du Midi exits Port de Carcassonne basin

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0003b.jpg

    15/18. A Carcassonne canal cruise boat tours the Canal du Midi from the town center

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0094b.jpg

    16/18. Carcassonne Walled Fortress viewed from the town of Carcassonne

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0085b.jpg

    17/18. Carcassonne's Vieux Pont, old bridge, over the Aude between the town and the citadel

  •  Carcassonne Town photo carcassonne-town0076b.jpg

    18/18. Carcassonne's multi-arched stone bridge, Vieux Pont, over the Aude

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