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Cabris Photo Gallery

  •  Cabris photo cabris054b.jpg

    1/6. Vaulted passage. A typical street in the old village of Cabris.

  •  Cabris photo cabris002b.jpg

    2/6. Cabris perched above the sea.

  •  Cabris photo cabris057b.jpg

    3/6. Village houses. Tell us where we stood to take this picture, and we'll send you a postcard of Cabris.

  •  Cabris photo cabris0016b.jpg

    4/6. A village street. The left-most doorway has "1648" carved in the keystone.

  •  Cabris photo cabris048b.jpg

    5/6. View from the top. From the panoramique table at the top of the village you can see the Lac St Cassien in the distance.

  •  Cabris photo cabris0011b.jpg

    6/6. St Exupery and mom. This plaque at the Place St Exupery was done in 1994 on the 50th anniversary of Antoine de Saint Exupery's disapperance at sea in his P38 Lightning.

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