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Briançon Photo Gallery

  •  Briançon photo briancon0020b.jpg

    1/24. View southwest across Briançon, down the Durance valley

  •  Briançon photo briancon0015b.jpg

    2/24. Briançon upper town viewed from the top of Fort du Chateau, with the prominent towers of Collegial Notre-Dame

  •  Briançon photo briancon0019b.jpg

    3/24. Collegial Notre Dame et St Nicolas in the center of Briançon

  •  Briançon photo briancon-iph0002b.jpg

    4/24. Front of the 18th-c Collegial Notre Dame et St Nicolas in Briançon old town

  •  Briançon photo briancon0036b.jpg

    5/24. Collegial Notre Dame et St Nicolas in Briançon towering over the Place du Temple

  •  Briançon photo briancon0046b.jpg

    6/24. Briançon's Place du Temple, with an old fountain and a shady terrace restaurant

  •  Briançon photo briancon0051b.jpg

    7/24. Colorful Place aux Armes (south/west) in Briançon's Cité Vauban

  •  Briançon photo briancon0058b.jpg

    8/24. Colorful Place aux Armes (west/north) in Briançon's Cité Vauban

  •  Briançon photo briancon0063b.jpg

    9/24. The old half-round fountain in the Place aux Armes of Briançon

  •  Briançon photo briancon0070b.jpg

    10/24. Looking north on Grande Rue in the the center of Briançon-Vauban

  •  Briançon photo briancon0066b.jpg

    11/24. Grande Rue in the the center of Briançon-Vauban, early morning before the crowds

  •  Briançon photo briancon0091b.jpg

    12/24. Grande Rue in the the center of Briançon-Vauban, with late-morning sunshine

  •  Briançon photo briancon0075b.jpg

    13/24. Blue buildings at the south end of Grande Rue in Briançon-Vauban

  •  Briançon photo briancon0095b.jpg

    14/24. The Briançon Fountaine des Soupirs (fountain of sighs) on Rue Grande

  •  Briançon photo briancon0100b.jpg

    15/24. View up (north) on Rue Mercerie, a tower of the Collegial Notre Dame at the top

  •  Briançon photo briancon0109b.jpg

    16/24. View down the Rue Mercerie, toward the Place aux Armes

  •  Briançon photo briancon0140b.jpg

    17/24. Yellow-blue building on Rue du Roche, opposite the Briançon town hall

  •  Briançon photo briancon0087b.jpg

    18/24. Shop sign for Briançon's Museum of Time [closed] depicting five ways to measure time

  •  Briançon photo briancon0162b.jpg

    19/24. Fortified walls along the west side of Briançon Cité-Vauban

  •  Briançon photo briancon0166b.jpg

    20/24. Draw-bridge entry at the north end of fortified Briançon Cité-Vauban

  •  Briançon photo briancon006b.jpg

    21/24. Fort des Trois Tetes overlooking Briançon; Fort du Randouillet is beyond on a far hilltop

  •  Briançon photo briancon-fort-sallettes0007b.jpg

    22/24. Vauban's 18th-c Fort des Salettes protecting the north side of Briançon

  •  Briançon photo briancon0196b.jpg

    23/24. The 18th-century Pont d'Asfeld over the Durance in a gorge beside Briançon

  •  Briançon photo briancon0168b.jpg

    24/24. The Fort du Chateau fortress sits atop the hill at Briançon.

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