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Bonnieux Photo Gallery

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0119b.jpg

    1/24. Exterior view of Bonnieux along the top of the ridge

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0002b.jpg

    2/24. Bonnieux village perched on its hilltop, viewed southeast, Lourmarin road (2001)

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0127b.jpg

    3/24. The top of Bonnieux village, with the 12th-century Old Church (Vieille Eglise) with the cedar trees at the peak

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux082b.jpg

    4/24. Bonnieux village viewed from the west side, in the evening light (2009)

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0217b.jpg

    5/24. View of tiled rooftops of Bonnieux village, seen through a dining room window of the Céasar restaurant

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux083b.jpg

    6/24. The 19th-century "new church", (église neuve) or "lower church" (ébglise du bas)

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux-museum0002b.jpg

    7/24. A real Bonnieux bakery (boulangerie) on Rue Victor Hugo

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux-museum0006b.jpg

    8/24. Inside the Bonnieux Bakery Museum (Musée de la Boulangerie) on Rue de la République

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0079b.jpg

    9/24. Ancient mossy fountain in a nook on the Ancien Chemin de Lourmarin in Bonnieux

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0141b.jpg

    10/24. Ivy and blue shutters on a house in the center of Bonnieux village

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0162b.jpg

    11/24. An old Bonnieux silkworm building (magnanerie), watched over by Parasol Lady

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0172b.jpg

    12/24. Giant reproduction of a pair of ancients, on the Place Carnot in Bonnieux village

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0181b.jpg

    13/24. Intrepid cyclist descending the steep, narrow Rue Voltaire in Bonnieux village

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0184b.jpg

    14/24. The 16th-century Dolphin Fountain beside Rue de la République in Bonnieux village

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0188b.jpg

    15/24. Two dolphins on the Dolphin Fountain in Bonnieux, Vaucluse

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0194b.jpg

    16/24. Cobblestones between ancient houses on Rue Droite in Bonnieux, Vaucluse

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0199b.jpg

    17/24. Approaching the medieval fortified portal at the east end of Bonnieux, on Rue Droite

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0204b.jpg

    18/24. The fortified entry at the east wall of fortified Bonnieux, Vaucluse

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux-cyclists0004b.jpg

    19/24. Cyclists riding up through Bonnieux village on a sunny February day

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0026b.jpg

    20/24. Airborne cyclist descending the Rue des Penitents Blancs from the top of Bonnieux village

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0226b.jpg

    21/24. A couple of bicycle rental shops in the center of Bonnieux offer classic and electric-powered bicycles

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0231b.jpg

    22/24. Place Gambetta, beside Rue Pasteur on the lower, north side of Bonnieux

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux0232b.jpg

    23/24. Giant Bonnieux postman delivering a blue shutter on Rue Pasteur

  •  Bonnieux photo bonnieux-sundial0022b.jpg

    24/24. This 1768 sundial is on a building at 3 Ave Philippe de Girard at the upper end of Bonnieux village

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