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Bollène Photo Gallery

  •  Bollène photo bollene0024b.jpg

    1/25. Bollène's grand 17th-century town hall on the main square, Place Gardette

  •  Bollène photo bollene0018b.jpg

    2/25. Place Victorien Bastet in Bollène, ocre building with sundial

  •  Bollène photo bollene0020b.jpg

    3/25. Colorful building with trompe-l'oeil window, beside the town hall of Bollène

  •  Bollène photo bollene0028b.jpg

    4/25. The Lutteurs (wrestlers), 1893 statue by Bollène's Felix Charpentier, won a gold medal in Paris in 1900.

  •  Bollène photo bollene0135b.jpg

    5/25. 11th-century Collègial Saint-Martin of Bollène

  •  Bollène photo bollene0161b.jpg

    6/25. Small but solid Chapelle des Trois Croix on the heights overlooking the center of Bollène

  •  Bollène photo bollene0154b.jpg

    7/25. 11th-century lMaison Cardinale used by the Bollène Cardanals in the 14th century

  •  Bollène photo bollene0092b.jpg

    8/25. 14th-15th century Maison de la Tour (Tower House) in Bollène

  •  Bollène photo bollene0049b.jpg

    9/25. The 11th-century priory and Cardinals' complex in Bollène

  •  Bollène photo bollene0051b.jpg

    10/25. Pastel houses and a small fountain on Rue de Puy -- Rue de Cornier in Bollène

  •  Bollène photo bollene0122b.jpg

    11/25. View of old buildings in Bollène, with the dome of the fountain on Place Réné Char

  •  Bollène photo bollene0046b.jpg

    12/25. Long stone steps and a unique iron railing in Bollène, on the town's Medieval Circuit walk

  •  Bollène photo bollene0086b.jpg

    13/25. Medieval portail into the center of Bollène at Place Charpentier, our 2019 photo

  •  Bollène photo bollene009b.jpg

    14/25. Medieval portail into the center of Bollène at Place Charpentier, our 1998 photo

  •  Bollène photo bollene0060b.jpg

    15/25. The colorful Theatre des Clous (and curtains shop) on Rue Emile Zola in the heart of Bollène old town

  •  Bollène photo bollene0063b.jpg

    16/25. A micro lending library on Rue Emile Zola in Bollène, with the notice Je lis, Tu lis, Nous lisons

  •  Bollène photo bollene0035b.jpg

    17/25. An old arched entry into a courtyard on Rue Anatole France in Bollène

  •  Bollène photo bollene0072b.jpg

    18/25. Ancient carved stone doorway of Residence Hotel d'Alauzieer on Rue Plan du Grignan in Bollène

  •  Bollène photo bollene0044b.jpg

    19/25. Old wooden door in a rock wall, in the center of Bollène

  •  Bollène photo bollene0057b.jpg

    20/25. An ancient and elaborate Don't Dump Trash Here sign in a small lane off Rue Plan de Grignan in Bollène

  •  Bollène photo bollene0079b.jpg

    21/25. A low stone fountain and abouvoir in Bollène, on Rue Henri Fabre

  •  Bollène photo bollene0081b.jpg

    22/25. Interior side of the medieval arched portail on Rue Henri Fabre in Bollène, on the north side beside the river

  •  Bollène photo bollene0111b.jpg

    23/25. 17th-century stone bridge across the Lez river on the north side of Bollène center

  •  Bollène photo bollene0116b.jpg

    24/25. The Lez river past the center of Bollène, with walking paths along the banks

  •  Bollène photo bollene-sundial0003b.jpg

    25/25. Very nice old sundial at Place Victorien Bastet in Bollène

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