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Beaucaire Photo Gallery

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0042b.jpg

    1/21. Top of 18th-century Eglise Notre-Dame des Pommiers in Beaucaire - viewed from the Place Clemenceau

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0207b.jpg

    2/21. Front facade of Beaucaire's 18th-century Eglise Notre-Dame des Pommiers

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0087b.jpg

    3/21. Beaucaire's taurau statue and the Rhône-Sète Canal behind - viewed when you drive into town from Tarascon

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0076b.jpg

    4/21. The Rhône-Sète Canal in Beaucaire, with the town center to the right

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0051b.jpg

    5/21. Boat basin part of the Canal Rhône-Sète in the center of Beaucaire

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0085b.jpg

    6/21. Beaucaire towers, St-Paul steeple at the left, the castle at the right

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0023b.jpg

    7/21. Beaucaire's old covered market (Halles alimentaires) is being renovated - - and, sadly, converted to a musical conservatory (2013)

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0282b.jpg

    8/21. Beaucaire's Place Clemenceau on market day (Sunday)

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0137b.jpg

    9/21. Entry of the 17th-century Hotel de Margallier, a private residence in the center of Beaucaire - Statues of Atlantis guard the doorway

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0142b.jpg

    10/21. A gargoyle-type decoration on the Hotel de Margallier in Beaucaire

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0188b.jpg

    11/21. Carved doorway keystone on a Hotel Particular in the Rue Barbes, Beaucaire

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0152b.jpg

    12/21. A picturesque corner of the Place de la République in Beaucaire - this was the market square in the Middle Ages

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0161b.jpg

    13/21. Vaulted arcades (1) at Beaucaire's Place de la République

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0163b.jpg

    14/21. Vaulted arcades (2) at Beaucaire's Place de la République

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0173b.jpg

    15/21. Colorful grocery-store restaurant on Beaucaire's Place de la République

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0121b.jpg

    16/21. Medieval street scene in Beaucaire, with lady, dog and pigeon

  •  Beaucaire photo abbey-st-roman0030b.jpg

    17/21. The troglodyte Abbey St Roman beside Beaucaire

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0250b.jpg

    18/21. A long aqueduct section 6 km northwest of Beaucaire center

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire-millinaires0007b.jpg

    19/21. Group of four Roman Millinaires (milestones) on the Domitienne Way near Beaucaire - the fourth one, at the right end, is now just a stump

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire0273b.jpg

    20/21. Beaucaire's Drac dragon, in iron, at the Place de la République

  •  Beaucaire photo beaucaire-chateau0080b.jpg

    21/21. Towers and walls of the Beaucaire Castle ruins on the hilltop above the town

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