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Bauduen Photo Gallery

  •  Bauduen photo bauduen072.jpg

    1/8. Bauduen village on the lake.

  •  Bauduen photo bauduen077.jpg

    2/8. Bauduen village on a low lake. On an autumn day in 1995 with the lake water very low.

  •  Bauduen photo bauduen0019.jpg

    3/8. Bauduen village roofs. On a winter day in 2005 with snow on the far bank.

  •  Bauduen photo bauduen0007.jpg

    4/8. Sundial, laundry and protest in Bauduen. "Bauduen wants to keep its post office", against plans by the national La Poste to close post offices in many small villages (2005).

  •  Bauduen photo bauduen0008.jpg

    5/8. "Above all men", Bauduen. Louis XIV's slogan on the ancient sundial (cadran solaire)

  •  Bauduen photo bauduen0030.jpg

    6/8. An older Bauduen village street.

  •  Bauduen photo bauduen0026.jpg

    7/8. Maidens' rocky slide in Bauduen. The legendary sliding stone for wedding bliss.

  •  Bauduen photo bauduen0032.jpg

    8/8. The "grande fontaine" of Bauduen. The actual fountain flowed out into the long low basin. The covered "lavoir" is at the left.

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