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Barjac Photo Gallery

  •  Barjac photo barjac0059b.jpg

    1/21. Barjac Place de la Mairie with it's large fountain, and archways at the far end

  •  Barjac photo barjac0075b.jpg

    2/21. Looking out an arch of Barjac at a lovely old building that was once the town hall.

  •  Barjac photo barjac0076b.jpg

    3/21. Barjac Place de la Renaissance and the 14th-century round tower

  •  Barjac photo barjac0096b.jpg

    4/21. Cobblestones and café tables at Place de la Renaissance in Barjac - we've had our morning coffee here

  •  Barjac photo barjac0048b.jpg

    5/21. Narrow cobblestone street in Barjac, the Grand Rue Jean Moulin

  •  Barjac photo barjac0050b.jpg

    6/21. The 17th-century Eglise Saint-Laurent in the town of Barjac

  •  Barjac photo barjac0038b.jpg

    7/21. Ancient sculpted stone doorway of a 17th-century town house in the center of Barjac

  •  Barjac photo barjac0091b.jpg

    8/21. Village street in the center of Barjac, with firewood laid in for the winter

  •  Barjac photo barjac0087b.jpg

    9/21. Part of the 13th-century Chateau de Barjac in the center of the town

  •  Barjac photo barjac0130b.jpg

    10/21. The great stairway built in 1844 gives access to the terrace of the Chateau de Barjac

  •  Barjac photo barjac0141b.jpg

    11/21. Fountain in the wall of Barjac's Great Stairway (Escalier monumental)

  •  Barjac photo barjac0119b.jpg

    12/21. Lookout site at the west side of Barjac, at a corner of the Place de l'Esplanade

  •  Barjac photo barjac0148b.jpg

    13/21. Wrought iron and rust on a 19th-century gate in the center of Barjac

  •  Barjac photo barjac-abrivade0071b.jpg

    14/21. Local cowboys (and cowgirls) on white horses through Bajac center during the abrivade

  •  Barjac photo barjac-abrivade0078b.jpg

    15/21. Black bulls through the center of Bajac center during abrivade

  •  Barjac photo barjac-market0003b.jpg

    16/21. Just a part of the large Barjac Friday market in the autumn

  •  Barjac photo barjac0007b.jpg

    17/21. Signpost for many of the loop hikes available from the town of Barjac

  •  Barjac photo barjac0046b.jpg

    18/21. An ancient embossed road sign showing distances from Barjac

  •  Barjac photo barjac-cat0003b.jpg

    19/21. Contented Barjac village cat

  •  Barjac photo barjac-cat0020b.jpg

    20/21. Barjac village cat with a serious "look"

  •  Barjac photo barjac-area-map001b.jpg

    21/21. Map of area around Barjac

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