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Bargemon Photo Gallery

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon0030b.jpg

    1/13. Twin towers of Bargemon.

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon028b.jpg

    2/13. Bargemon village in the Var hills. The Col du Bel Homme is the central dip in the ridge above.

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon031b.jpg

    3/13. Bargemon village rooftops. The village of Claviers is on the low hill in the center distance.

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon0023b.jpg

    4/13. Bargemon village center and fountain.

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon0038b.jpg

    5/13. Bargemon main street and shops.

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon0011b.jpg

    6/13. Ancient stone fountain.

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon0041b.jpg

    7/13. Bargemon ramparts, stone street.

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon0033b.jpg

    8/13. Bargemon village street and doorways.

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon0035b.jpg

    9/13. Autumn rest in Bargemon. A strategicly placed bench on one of the streets in the upper part of the village, with autumn colors of 2007.

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon0010b.jpg

    10/13. Bargemon public swimming pool. Walled by the great outdoors.

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon0044b.jpg

    11/13. Bargemon tennis court and pools. We're not sure, but this may all be private.

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon0046b.jpg

    12/13. Bargemon Office de Tourisme. You don't need big or modern for good friendly service.

  •  Bargemon photo bargemon010b.jpg

    13/13. Bargemon countryside chapel. We photographed this old chapel in December 1995, and we can't remember its name.

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