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Barcelonnette Photo Gallery

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0012b.jpg

    1/19. Barcelonnette seems small in the mountainous Ubaye valley

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0022b.jpg

    2/19. The center of Barcelonnette tucked into the valley of the Ubaye

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0029b.jpg

    3/19. Fountain in the Place Manuel of Barcelonnette, surrounded by terrace-cafés

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0039b.jpg

    4/19. Barcelonnette's ancient clock tower at Place Manuel on a very stormy day in early Autumn

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette024b.jpg

    5/19. The 14th-century clock tower backed by a more modern building in Barcelonnette

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0092b.jpg

    6/19. Colorful building (and contrails) of the Place Valle de Bravo in Barcelonnette, in front of the town hall

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0001b.jpg

    7/19. Barcelonnette hat store for the "next" century, in July 1998

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0050b.jpg

    8/19. Barcelonnette hat store for the next "next" century, in Sept 2015

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0052b.jpg

    9/19. Rue Manuel through the center of old Barcelonnette, looking west

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0055b.jpg

    10/19. Rue Manuel through the center of old Barcelonnette, looking east, Sept 2015

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette028b.jpg

    11/19. Rue Manuel through the center of old Barcelonnette, in June 1996

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0059b.jpg

    12/19. Cafés, shops and a cyclists on Rue Jules Béraud in Barcelonnette

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0071b.jpg

    13/19. Mixed restoration on Barcelonnette building at the Place Saint-Pierre

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0079b.jpg

    14/19. The Saint-Pierre church in Barcelonnette is 20th-c, with the original 13th-century bell tower

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0065b.jpg

    15/19. This old doorway in Barcelonnette is dated 1732, on Rue Traversière

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette-villa0135b.jpg

    16/19. This classy red and yellow 'Mexican' house is the Villa Bleue

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette0060b.jpg

    17/19. The narrow Rue du Moulin in Barcelonnette, between a sundial and a great little restaurant

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette-sundial0015b.jpg

    18/19. A scientific sundial in Barcelonnette, beside the narrow Rue du Moulin

  •  Barcelonnette photo barcelonnette-market0007b.jpg

    19/19. Local Haute-Alpes honey available in the Saturday market of Barcelonnette

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