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Barbentane Photo Gallery

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0090b.jpg

    1/17. The Hotel des Barons de Chabert has been the town hall (mairie) of Barbentane since 1888.

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0093b.jpg

    2/17. Barbentane's town-hall campanile, above the clock that's been displaying the correct time since 1899.

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0005b.jpg

    3/17. Twin-dolphin (perhaps) 19th-century fountain in the center of Barbentane village

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0060b.jpg

    4/17. The 14th-century Anglica Tower stands above the southern edge of Medieval Barbentane village

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0059b.jpg

    5/17. Barbentane's Medieval Anglica Watch Tower on a rocky peak above the village

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0009b.jpg

    6/17. The 13th-century Porte Calendrale at the northern ramparts of Medieval Barbentane

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0011b.jpg

    7/17. Rue Droite through the heart of Medieval Barbentane village, the 14th-century Anglica Tower beyond

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0053b.jpg

    8/17. The 13th-century Porte du Sequier at the southern ramparts of Medieval Barbentane

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0039b.jpg

    9/17. Side of the 12th-14th century Notre-Dame-de-Grace church in Barbentane

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0041b.jpg

    10/17. Belfry and steeple of Barbentane's 12th-14th century Notre-Dame-de-Grace church

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0015b.jpg

    11/17. Downtown Barbentane village, with a café-restaurant and the town hall (mairie)

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0019b.jpg

    12/17. Interior of the produce shop in Barbentane village.

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0022b.jpg

    13/17. A couple of obedient children watching from a Barbentane balcony

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane-cat0001b.jpg

    14/17. A Barbentane village cat - always one of our favorite encounters in a Provencal village

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane0085b.jpg

    15/17. The 17th-18th century Chateau de Barbentane is pretty, but private and off-limits

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane-windmill0011b.jpg

    16/17. The 16th-century windmill Moulin de Bretoule overlooking Barbentane village

  •  Barbentane photo barbentane-windmill0016b.jpg

    17/17. Barbentane's windmill Moulin de Bretoule, with trees bent to the flow of the Mistral wind

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