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Aups Photo Gallery

  •  Aups photo aups069b.jpg

    1/20. Part of Aups village, viewed from the east side

  •  Aups photo aups0060b.jpg

    2/20. Exterior view of Aups village

  •  Aups photo aups0081b.jpg

    3/20. The tall obelisque fountain at Place Duchatel in Aups

  •  Aups photo aups064b.jpg

    4/20. Autumn leaves on Place de la Mairie in front of the Aups town hall

  •  Aups photo aups0093b.jpg

    5/20. An ancient stone fountain on Rue des Aires in the center of old Aups

  •  Aups photo aups0021b.jpg

    6/20. Aups bakery (boulangerie) and Medieval porte; in 2017 the bakery is Le Fournil de Gilles

  •  Aups photo aups0023b.jpg

    7/20. Terrace café beneath shady plane tree in Aups on the Place Généneral Girard

  •  Aups photo aups0040b.jpg

    8/20. Aups village through Porte des Aires, northern gateway of Medieval Aups

  •  Aups photo aups0095b.jpg

    9/20. The Medieval Saracen Tower in Aups

  •  Aups photo aups0107b.jpg

    10/20. An old Dubonnet wall mural ad in the town of Aups

  •  Aups photo aups0110b.jpg

    11/20. An 18th-century sundial on a building beside the old covered lavoir of Aups

  •  Aups photo aups-sundial0025b.jpg

    12/20. A nicely restored 1737 sundial in Aups

  •  Aups photo aups0114b.jpg

    13/20. Medieval Porte des Alpes through the Tour Sarasine in Aups

  •  Aups photo aups0124b.jpg

    14/20. A beautifujl old stone fountain on Rue Marechal Foch, beside the Porte des Alpes

  •  Aups photo aups0133b.jpg

    15/20. A picturesque hairdresser's shop in the town of Aups

  •  Aups photo aups0145b.jpg

    16/20. The long, narrow Rue Jules Philibert in Aups

  •  Aups photo aups0147b.jpg

    17/20. This 'Apiculture Moderne' is a Modern Bee Keeper, or perhaps not too modern

  •  Aups photo aups0155b.jpg

    18/20. An old street in old Aups, with a 19th-century fountain

  •  Aups photo aups0014b.jpg

    19/20. A wrought-iron belfry (campanile) on the Aups 16th-century bell tower

  •  Aups photo aups-cat0006b.jpg

    20/20. An Aups village cat looking for a bit of attention

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