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Arles Photo Gallery

  •  Arles photo arles0017b.jpg

    1/12. Arles' Place de la République, with a Roman obelisk on the fountain - the town hall (hotel de ville) in the background

  •  Arles photo arles0027b.jpg

    2/12. Swan neck spigot of the fountain at the Place de la République in Arles

  •  Arles photo arles083b.jpg

    3/12. Top of the Arles town hall (hotel de ville), Place de la République

  •  Arles photo arles0021b.jpg

    4/12. Arles' Cathedral Saint-Trophime, Place de la République

  •  Arles photo arles0030b.jpg

    5/12. Bell tower of the 12th-century Cathedral Saint-Trophime in Arles

  •  Arles photo arles060b.jpg

    6/12. Roman arena in Arles - (our Beyond photo from Nov 1996)

  •  Arles photo arles068b.jpg

    7/12. A corner of the old fortress of Arles

  •  Arles photo arles0003b.jpg

    8/12. Arles spices and herbs, market day on the Boulevard des Lices

  •  Arles photo arles0014b.jpg

    9/12. The cloisters in the garden of the Maison de Santé, Arles

  •  Arles photo arles0016b.jpg

    10/12. 17th-c doorway with spiral stone columns in Arles - at the ancient Hotel de la Lauière

  •  Arles photo arles-santon0089b.jpg

    11/12. Santons of santon makers (santonniers) in Arles - (by Lei Santoun de Corto) Displayed in the Salon des Santonniers, 2013-2014

  •  Arles photo arles-antiques-museum0082b.jpg

    12/12. Walled Roman era Arles, scale moded at the Arles Antiques Museum

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