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Aramon Photo Gallery

  •  Aramon photo aramon0218b.jpg

    1/22. The Chateau of Aramon, towering above the narrow entry road into the village

  •  Aramon photo aramon0170b.jpg

    2/22. A glimpse of the Chateau d'Aramon at the top of the village

  •  Aramon photo aramon0215b.jpg

    3/22. The bell tower with engraved clock faces on the church in Aramon village

  •  Aramon photo aramon0076b.jpg

    4/22. Fountain and terrace café on the main square of Aramon

  •  Aramon photo aramon0081b.jpg

    5/22. The central fountain and a short villager in the center of Aramon

  •  Aramon photo aramon0019b.jpg

    6/22. Detail of brass fountain spigot in Aramon

  •  Aramon photo aramon0116b.jpg

    7/22. The Porte de Montfrin entry into the old walled interior of Aramon village

  •  Aramon photo aramon0029b.jpg

    8/22. This 17th-century house in Aramon was the birthplace of Henri PITOT (1695-1771, and where he eventually died

  •  Aramon photo aramon0120b.jpg

    9/22. Henri Pitot built this observatory on top of his house in Aramon in the 1700s.

  •  Aramon photo aramon0126b.jpg

    10/22. This 16th-century house is one of the oldest in Aramon village

  •  Aramon photo aramon0132b.jpg

    11/22. A 16th-century doorway and a vaulted passage in the village of Aramon

  •  Aramon photo aramon0031b.jpg

    12/22. Medieval center of Aramon village

  •  Aramon photo aramon0045b.jpg

    13/22. The 12th-century Eglise Saint Pancrace in Aramon - although much of what you see now was added or rebuilt in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries

  •  Aramon photo aramon0051b.jpg

    14/22. 17th-century Hotel de Posquières, the hôtel particulier of one of the five Lords of Aramon

  •  Aramon photo aramon0112b.jpg

    15/22. A bas-relief face carved over a Medieval doorway in Aramon village

  •  Aramon photo aramon0155b.jpg

    16/22. Place Choisity in the village of Aramon is being completely renovated (2015)

  •  Aramon photo aramon0157b.jpg

    17/22. The Tour du Brechet beside Place Choisity was part of the Medieval Porte d'Avignon on the east side of Aramon village

  •  Aramon photo aramon0012b.jpg

    18/22. Grand Café du Cours in Aramon isn't much of a café any more, but it's a picturesque old building

  •  Aramon photo aramon0177b.jpg

    19/22. First-century Roman funeral stones from a Gallo-Roman cemetery in Aramon village

  •  Aramon photo aramon0087b.jpg

    20/22. Blue shutters in Aramon village, and a plaque (upper-left) marking the flood height for 31 May 1856

  •  Aramon photo aramon-cat0033b.jpg

    21/22. An Aramon village cat walking the dike wall

  •  Aramon photo aramon-bories0042b.jpg

    22/22. Dry-stone capitelles (bories) overlooking the Rhone beside Aramon village

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