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Antibes Photo Gallery

  •  Antibes photo antibes025b.jpg

    1/23. Old Antibes and the ramparts, viewed from the Port Vauban

  •  Antibes photo antibes0115b.jpg

    2/23. Antibes ramparts and old town, with the Bay des Anges beyond

  •  Antibes photo antibes0097b.jpg

    3/23. Antibes ramparts and the Chateau Grimaldi - Nice is across the bay in the hazy distance

  •  Antibes photo antibes0086b.jpg

    4/23. The old ramparts of Antibes - Looking south towards the Port de la Salis; at the left is the Garoup lighthouse on Cap d'Antibes

  •  Antibes photo antibes0132b.jpg

    5/23. Fountains on Place de Gaulle in the center of Antibes - On the far end, Boulevard Albert 1er leads southeast

  •  Antibes photo antibes0082b.jpg

    6/23. Picasso Museum of Antibes - Viewed from the Ramparts at the back of the museum

  •  Antibes photo antibes035b.jpg

    7/23. Antibes's colorful Notre-Dame-de-la-Platea cathedrale

  •  Antibes photo antibes0066b.jpg

    8/23. Terrace café at Antibes' Place National, in April - Rue George Celmenceau at the right leads up to the covered market

  •  Antibes photo antibes0069b.jpg

    9/23. Stone fountain and terrace café at Antibes' Place National

  •  Antibes photo antibes014b.jpg

    10/23. Ancient fortified walls guarding the north side of Antibes Old Town

  •  Antibes photo antibes016b.jpg

    11/23. Fishing boats at Port Vauban, Antibes - Antibes' Fort Carée is in the center distance

  •  Antibes photo antibes020b.jpg

    12/23. The Fort Carré in Antibes

  •  Antibes photo antibes0076b.jpg

    13/23. Antibes' Plage de La Gravette - A small, sheltered beach in Old Antibes by the Port Vauban

  •  Antibes photo antibes0073b.jpg

    14/23. Heidi's English Bookshop in Antibes - This venerable bookshop has been in business for a few decades now.

  •  Antibes photo antibes093b.jpg

    15/23. Antibes' little flea market of antiques, books and such - Beside Rue Aubernn in the northeast corner of Old Antibes

  •  Antibes photo antibes012b.jpg

    16/23. Antibes fountain and brown-shuttered house on rue Vauban opposite ave Paul Doumer

  •  Antibes photo antibes033b.jpg

    17/23. Antibes' fountain monument Mr. d'Aguillon, Bvd d'Aguillon - Just inside the fortified entrance at the northeast corner of Old Antibes

  •  Antibes photo antibes0103b.jpg

    18/23. Ancient stone fountain in the Safranier area of Old Antibes

  •  Antibes photo antibes0107b.jpg

    19/23. A pretty covered lavoir (wash-house) - Located on the hidden Rue du Lavoir, just off the Rue de la Tourraque deep in Old Antibes

  •  Antibes photo antibes0124b.jpg

    20/23. Red brick paving of Old Antibes's Rue du Bas Castelet

  •  Antibes photo antibes0010b.jpg

    21/23. Petanque players in Antibes - At the Square Albert 1er. Behind is the Archeological museum and beyond is Antibes old town

  •  Antibes photo antibes0012b.jpg

    22/23. Trompe l'Oeil wall mural at Juan-les-Pins

  •  Antibes photo antibes-landing0001b.jpg

    23/23. Aerial view of Antibes - Antibes old town is the cluster of red roofs at the left corner of the port; Fort Carré in the trees at the right side of the port; Cap d'Antibes and Juan-les-Pins (not visible) off the photo to the left; the water at the upper left is Golfe-Juan, with Cannes beyond the far point.

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