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Aigues-Mortes Photo Gallery

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0007b.jpg

    1/20. Aigues-Mortes east wall, with horse rider

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0349b.jpg

    2/20. Panorama of the south wall ramparts of Aigues-Mortes

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0272b.jpg

    3/20. Inside the north wall at Place Anatole France in Aigues-Mortes

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0426b.jpg

    4/20. Aigues-Mortes Place Anatole France and the Port de la Gardette

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0365b.jpg

    5/20. Place Saint-Louis in Aigues-Mortes, looking southwest, mid morning in the winter

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0351b.jpg

    6/20. Place Saint-Louis in Aigues-Mortes, looking northwest, early morning in the winter

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0328b.jpg

    7/20. Dolphin detail on the St Louis fountain at Place Saint-Louis,

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0287b.jpg

    8/20. 13th-century Notre-Dame-des-Sablons church in the center of Aigues-Mortes, built even before the walls

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0384b.jpg

    9/20. Place de la Viguerie in Aigues-Mortes, post office at the right, Chapel des Pénitents Gris far right

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0180b.jpg

    10/20. Aigues-Mortes town center, looking east on Rue Emile Jamais

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0198b.jpg

    11/20. Relatively wide Bvd Gambetter in the center of Aigues-Mortes

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0211b.jpg

    12/20. Colorful housed just inside the north wall of Aigues-Mortes, Bvd Interior Nord

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0241b.jpg

    13/20. Constance Tower and walls of Aigues-Mortes, viewed from across the canal

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0233b.jpg

    14/20. Moat and causeway to the Constance Tower in the NW corner of Aigues-Mortes

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0276b.jpg

    15/20. Top of the Constance Tower of Aigues-Mortes

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0026b.jpg

    16/20. Herding a bull into Aigues-Mortes town. The riders are herding one black bull through the town

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0027b.jpg

    17/20. Bull-herding cowboys at Aigues-Mortes. The black bull is hemmed inside the horses

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0057b.jpg

    18/20. Local musicians for the Aigues-Mortes fête

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0255b.jpg

    19/20. Houses and reflections on the Rhône-à-Sête canal outside the north wall of Aigues-Mortes

  •  Aigues-Mortes photo aigues-mortes0338b.jpg

    20/20. The railway station of Aigues-Mortes; about three trains a day between Aigues-Mortes and Nîmes.

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