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Abriès Photo Gallery

  •  Abriès photo abries0001b.jpg

    1/15. Entering Abriès village from the west, along the Guil valley

  •  Abriès photo abries0174b.jpg

    2/15. Abriès village and the view southeast up the Guil valley; Ristolas hamlet in the distance

  •  Abriès photo abries0053b.jpg

    3/15. Rooftops of Abriès and the mountainside northwest of the village

  •  Abriès photo abries0057b.jpg

    4/15. The chapel with its pretty bell tower overlooking Abriès village

  •  Abriès photo abries0036b.jpg

    5/15. Abriès village, where the bridge crosses the Bouchet Torrent from the west

  •  Abriès photo abries0190b.jpg

    6/15. The Abriès tourist office on Place des Halles in the center of the village

  •  Abriès photo abries0032b.jpg

    7/15. The Abriès Wednesday-morning market with books and local products, not too big in September

  •  Abriès photo abries0030b.jpg

    8/15. A sports-clothing shop in Abriès -- with end-of-season 50-pct reductions

  •  Abriès photo abries0047b.jpg

    9/15. Entering Abriès village from the south

  •  Abriès photo abries0063b.jpg

    10/15. Very colorful buildings on Rue de l'Eglise in Abriès

  •  Abriès photo abries0186b.jpg

    11/15. Pretty facade of the St Roch chaple on Abriès village

  •  Abriès photo abries0012b.jpg

    12/15. A wooden barrel fountain on Place du Monument aux Morts in Abriès

  •  Abriès photo abries0061b.jpg

    13/15. A wooden barrel fountain down in the south end of Abriès village

  •  Abriès photo abries0189b.jpg

    14/15. An ancient sign for regional products of Abriès

  •  Abriès photo abries-sundial0012b.jpg

    15/15. This 19th-century sundial on the Abriès church claims 'It's later than you think'

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