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Toulouse Museums Jacobin

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The Jacobins Convent is a large church complex begun in the 13th century, built of the rose colored brick common to Toulouse, the City of Rose. The building houses the main church, a beautiful cloister and garden, and adjoining rooms, including the vaulted salle capitulaire.

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The Jacobins Convent is located a couple of blocks west of the Place du Capitole. Visitors entry is along the low walkway along the south side of the church, beside Place des Jacobins street leading to the lycée (school).

Entry into the church is free, and the huge nave with its magnificent, high pillars is the heart of what's considered the most beautiful Dominican church in Europe.

Toulouse Jacobin Convent Cross the main room of the church to the far side, and down a low ramp, and you'll find the museum book store and gift shop, in a "small room" with the high, vaulted ceiling typical of the entire convent. You can purchase tickets for the cloister and museum here at the gift shop, reception.

Toulouse Jacobin Convent This is the doorway from the Jacobins gift shop/reception into the cloister. The Jacobins Convent Cloister was built in 1306-1309, and all four galleries are nicely restored. The slender double pillars supporting the galleries are made from a grey marble quarried in Saint-Béat, a small town in the Pyréenées, 120 km southwest of Toulouse.

Jacobin Convent cloister garden viewed from The cloister garden is a layout of very low hedges, surrounded by stone walkways. A few very tall cypress trees in the center guard the cloister well.

Toulouse Jacobin Convent The refectory was the monastary dining hall. This long, high room extends from the far side of the cloister and houses the temporary museum exhibits.

Toulouse Jacobin Cloister salle capitulaire and The Salle Capitulaire is a lovely, vaulted room at the east end of the cloister, with graceful vaulted ceilings supported by a pair of slender columns. An annual piano recital is held in this room.

Virtuoso Sunwook Kim intent on piano A surprise, private recital by a world-famous maestro. We sat down in this large, empty room to listen to someone playing the piano. We remarked that the "pianist was really quite good", and eventually a handful of other visitors gathered along the edge of the cloister to listen. We were treated to an hour of intense practice for that night's concert by what turned out to be Sunwook Kim, one of the finest pianists in the world.

Map of the Jacobin Convent in This plan of the Jacobins Convent is borrowed from the Convent des Jacobins by the Toulouse town hall. You can get schedules of events, opening hours and current prices directly from their website:

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