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Tarascon Transportation

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Arles, Tarascon, Avignon Bus

  • There are about 8 buses a day between Arles (gare SNCF), Tarascon (gare SNCF), Avignon (TGV station) and Avignon town (bus station - gare routière). The trip is 1 hour from Arles to Avignon.

Bus E51: Nîmes, Beaucaire, Avignon

  • Gard department bus line E51 connects Nîmes and Avignon.
    The complete route is: Nîmes, Rodilhan, Manduel, Redessan, Jonquières-St-Vincent, Tarascon, Beaucaire, Vallabregues, Aramon, Theziers, St Pierre-de-Mezoargue, Boulbon, Vallabregues, Barbentane, Rognonas, Avignon.
    Approximate trip time is: Nîmes - Avignon 1h30.
    Bus route map, Nîmes area-3 (Beaucaire, Tarascon, Avignon) is available on (flash)
    Bus schedules are on E51, Nîmes, Avignon

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