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Saint Remy-de-Provence Museums

Saint Remy-de-Provence has a great selection of museums to visit and tours to take. A good start would be to visit the Office de Tourism, in the paking lot just south of the old town (a 5-minute walk out Ave Pasteu or Ave Durand Maillane). You can pick up maps and brochures, and check on the times of the next guided tours.

Archeology Museum - Musée Archéologique

Greek and Roman artifacts from Glanum; prehistoric room

Location: Rue du Parage, in the 15th-century Hotel de Sade

Open: Apr-Dec; 1-hr guided visits In June 2007 this was marked "For reasons of security the Hotel de Sade is closed to the public". No dates or other information is given.

Tel: 0490 926 404

Aromas of Provence - Musée des Aromes de Provence

Perfumes and distillery museum, Laboratory Florame

Location: 34 Bvd Mirabeau

Open: 10h-12h, 15h-18h; guided visit by reservation

Tel: 0490 924 870; Fax: 0490 92 48 80

Collegiale Saint Martin - Grand Orgue (Organ)

Organ concerts, on this 5000-pipe organ, are given every Saturday, 17h30, from June-Sept.

Hotel Estrine - Van Gogh

Hommage to Vincent Van Gogh. and expositions of contemporary artists

Location: The 18th-century hotel is in the old village

Open: Mar-Dec, Tue-Sun: 10h-12h, 15h-19h

Tel: 0490 923 472

Nostradamus Tour

Guided Tour - The Time of Nostradamus - 1h30

Open: Fri: 10h, by reservation at the Office de Tourisme

Languages: English, French, German, Provençal

Notre Dame de Pitie Chapelle

Paintings and portraits in a 12th-13th century chapel

Open: Oct-Mar: 10h30-12h30; Apr-Sept: 10h30-12h30, 15h-19h

Pyramide Farmhouse - Mas de la Pyramide

A 20m high carved stone; presentation of Roman and Pre-Roman stone work

Location: Located at the Roman quarry of Glanum.

Open: Summer: 9h-12h, 14h-19h; Winter: 9h-12h, 14h-17h

Tel: 0490 920 081

Saint-Paul-de-Mausole Monastery

This 12th-century ex-monastery is now a "maison de santé", famous for having housed Vincent Van Gogh (1889-1890) and Doctor Albert Schweitzer (1914-1918)

Location: Beside the Roman site of Glanum, about 800 m south of St Remy. You can park there, or it's about a 20-minute walk out from the Office de Tourism.

Open: 9h-12, 14h-18h

Entry: 4 euros

Monastery Saint-Paul-de-Mausole (Provence-Beyond page)

Van Gogh Sites Tour

Guided Tour of Sites Painted by Van Gogh - 1h30

Open: Tue and Thur: 10h; Sat: 10h, 17h, by reservation at the Office de Tourisme

Languages: English, French, German, Provençal, Spanish

Alpilles Museum - Musée des Alpilles

Arts et Traditions populaires: costumes, furniture, local crafts, santons, minerals from the Alpilles, Nostradamus documents.

Location: Place Favier

Open: Apr-June, Sept-Oct: 10h-12h, 14h-18h July-Aug: 10h-12h, 15h-20h Nov-Dec: 10h-12h, 14h-17h

Closed: 1 mai et 25 décembre; mois de janvier et février

Entry: free

Tel: 0490 920 810

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