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• Alpes-Maritimes (06530)   • Population: 7,225  • Altitude: 212 m

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Peymeinade is a small village west of Grasse with a hidden old village and traversed by the pretty Siagne canal. • Market day Mon.

The part of Peymeinade seen by most people is the bustling center of shops and cafés along the D2562 Grasse-Draguignan road. The hidden part of Peymeinade is the tiny and old village 300m north above the apparent "central" part of town.

In the upper old-village are just a couple of streets with old houses, a nice little square with a 19th-century fountain, a picturesque sundial and other trompe-l'oeil wall paintings. This old part is small enough that onlly a few minutes are needed for a look-around visit.

Canal de la Siagne near Peymeinade On Beyond's frequent visits here we walk a bit further up and join the Siagne canal (le Canal de la Siagne where we take out-and-back walks along the banks of the canal. The walks are very "green", with lots of trees, shrubs, flowers and the back gardens of occasional villas, and often a nice view across the valleys and hills.

The "center" of the roadside part of town has a good selection of shops, including some excellent fresh produce shops. The centrally-located terrace café is a handy stopping place during Sunday-morning shopping and walking trips.


Sundial in Peymeinade old village This sundial in the old village of Peymeinade is dated 2001, but done in the old style like the 19th-century sundials of Saint Véran.

History of Peymeinade

The commune of Peymeinade was created in 1868 when the village was detatched from the commune of Cabris. The history of the village is the same as for Cabris, as it was part of the domain of the Lord of Grasse-Cabris.

Celto-Ligurian: The Oppidum de Peygros, 3 km southeast of Peymeinade and 10 km NNW of Auribeau has a dry-stone defensive wall and storage carved into the rock.


• GPS: 43.643653, 6.875502


IGN (1/25,000) #3543 ET "Haute Siagne"

This is quite a built-up area around Peymeinade so hiking isn't easy without driving out to a proper hiking trail (such as the GR51).

The Canal de la Siagne has a good walking path along much of its length, and by definition it is very close to level.

The GR51 (Balcony of the Cote d'Azur) hiking trail circles around Peymeinade without coming to the village. The GR51 crosses the D2562 Grasse-Draguignan road 2 km west of Peymeinade, at the Val du Tignet.

From the D2562 junction it's a 5-km hike southeast along the GR51 to the Peygros oppidum ruins.

Eastbound: from 3 km west of Peymeinade, the GR51 passes by Cabris (north of Peymeinade) and continues past Grasse.

Westbound: from 3 km west of Peymeinade, the GR51 goes southeast past Le Tignet to Auribeau-sur-Siagne before heading south across the hills of Tanneron.

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