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Perpignan Museums and Sites

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Le Castillet - Le Castillet Musee De L'histoire De La Catalogne Nord

History museum for northern Catalognia. Great view from the top - 142 steps

Location: Le Castillet Place de Verdun

Open: All year, 10h30-18h

Closed: Monday; 1 May; 14 July; 25 Dec

Entry: 4 ;, under 25 free; 1st Sun of the month free

Tel: 0468 354 205


Natural HIstory Museum - Museum d'Histoire Naturelle

350 square meters of presentation. Animals rare or disappeared from the eastern Pyrénées, migrating birds, birds of prey, Pyrénées animals, crocodiles, etc.

Location: 12 rue Fontaine Neuve

Open: Mon-Sat, 10h30 - 18h

Closed: Sun; 1 Jan; 1 May; Mon Pentecost; 14 July; 11 Nov; 25 Dec

Entry: Free

Tel: 0468 663 368


Palace of the Kings of Majorca - Palais des Rois de Majorque

A 13th-century palace built for a king and queen, in the center of a military citadel in the heart of Perpignan.

Location: Rue des Archers

Open: All year, 7 days. Oct - May 9h-17h; June-Sept 10h-18h

Closed: 1 Jan; 1 May; 1 Nov; 25 Dec

Entry: 4 €, under 12 free

Tel: 0468 344 829


The Palace was opened in the summer of 2013 after being closed four years for renovation.

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