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Marseille Shopping

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Marseilles has been a great city for shopping since the Second Empire, in the 19th century.

La Canebière is the heart of Marseilles and the heart of the downtown shopping area, at the end of the Old Port.

Rue St. Férrol [top photo] is a long pedestrian street between Rue de Rome and Rue Breteuil, running south of La Canabière towards the Préfecture. Rue St. Férrol, named after a martre from the year 211, is lined with clothes botiques, shoe shops, jewelery stores, department stores, and a Virgin Megastore that's open seven days a week.

Le Bourse - In the very center of downtown Marseilles is the "Centre Bourse", an ugly-modern blockhouse behind the real "Bourse" building. Inside is a modern, multi-level mall with an assortment of shops and cafés. The FNAC, a national chain store specializing in books, records, photo and electronic equipment (among other things), is at the top level. The Nouvelles Galèries, a large national department store, is also in the "Centre Bourse".

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