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• Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04850)   • Population: 860  • Altitude: 1250 m

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Jausiers is located 9 km further up the Ubaye valley from Barcelonnette. The valley is wide between the mountains here, giving a light, open feeling. The mountains surrounding the village are gorgeous, and usually snow-covered up to May or June. A tall bell tower sits in the cemetery on the hillside above the village, beneath the mountains [photo-2]

The village is tiny and there's not very much commerce. (The markets of Barcelonnette would be a better choice for lunch supplies.) A small terrace café on the central street had just a spot of sun peaking over the high rooftops, and the little Office de Tourisme has a good selection of brochures and information.

The Barcelonnettes exodus to Mexico (see Barcelonnette) actually began here in Jausiers, and the finest example of the "Mexican" villas is the Chateau des Magnans [photo-1]sitting at the edge of the village.

The 18th-century Jesuit church in the center [photo-3] is lovely, and it has a pair of sundials on the front (one detailed in photo-4).

There was a strong silk industry here from the 16th to 19th centuries, when the populated immigrated to Mexico or dispersed along the Ubaye valley.

Redoubt de Berwick

Seven km north of Jausier, just past the Fort de Tournoux, the D902 goes north into a valley along the upper Ubaye river, toward Saint Paul and the Pont du Châtelet. At the bottom end of the valley is the small stone fortress Redoube de Berwick [photo-5]. It's pretty and in excellent condition, but it's closed off, with nothing to see inside.

History of Jausiers


First record, 1151: In Gauserio

Jausiers occupies a good defensive position, and the fort of the Dukes of Savoy from 1388 to 1765. In addition to the war damage over the medieval centuries, the town saw fierce fighting in 1944.

Medieval: The town suffered severly because of its position. The Wars of Religion took a heavy toll; Jausier was the center of the Vaudois and was sacked and burned several times. The town suffered through continued wars with Savoy, and was pillages by the troops of the Duke in 1692.


• GPS: 44.416986, 6.729057


Didier Richard (1/50,000) #1 "Alpes de Provence"

There's a lot of good hiking around Jausiers. Trails go north through the hills on both sides of the Upper Ubaye river. To the east, trails go out through the mountains near the small roads and villages of that area. To the east, trails follow the valleys, curving south through the Vallon du Lau.

There are shorter (but still steep) loop hikes west of Jausiers, going as far (and beyond) the mountains north of Barcelonnette. We did a day hike in this area in May of 1997, with snow still covering the higher mountains.

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