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Baux-de-Provence Museums

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Baux History Museum - Tour du Manoir de Brau - Musée d'Histoire des Baux

Famous historical events to the Baux citadel

Tel: 0490 545 556

Cathédral d Images

Total 3-dimensional images: walls, ceilings, floors, screens.

Tel: 0490 543 865

City of the Dead - Citadelle ou Cité des morts

Tel: 0490 545 556

Tickets available from the Museum of History

Foundation Museum Louis Jou - Musée Fondation Louis Jou

Grand master printer of Baux; works, engravings, incunabula

Open: only for groups and by rendez-vous

Tel: 0490 543 417

Modern Art Museum - Musée d'art contemporain

Location: Hotel de Manville

Tel: 0490 543 439

Olive Trees Museum - Chapelle St Blaise - Musée de l'Olivier

Photographs with the theme of olive trees (oliviers) and painters

Tel: 0490 545 556

Paintings Museum - Musée de peinture

Entry: free entrance

Pénitents Blancs - Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs

Frescoes of shepherds and the midnight mass, in 17th-century chapel

Saint-Vincent Church - Eglise Saint-Vincent

Cistercian nave and stained glass windows, in 12c and 16c church

Santonnier J. Peyron

A workshop and boutique, rather than a museum, but with santons on display.

Location: Rue du Chateau, in the heart of the Medieval village.

Open: 7/7.


Santons Museum - Musée des Santons

This santon museum in the old village of Les Baux-de-Provence has several exhibits, including 17th and 18th century figurines.

Location: Place Louis Jou; just past the tourist office in the village

Open: Daily, all year

Entry: Free

Tel: 0490 543 439

Yves Brayer Museum - Musée Yves Brayer

Contemporary works of art, sculptures

Location: Hotel des Porcelets

Tel: 0494 543 699

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