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Les Arcs Flood

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Les Arcs suffered severe damage, with several deaths, from a flood on Tuesday 15 June 2010. With a rainstorm of unprecedented size in the Var hills, the worst flood in two centuries crashed through several towns in the local river valleys (Var floods 2010 map).
At least 25 people were killed through the region, with 13 still missing (as of 19 June).

Post Flood Visit

We visited Les Arcs at the end of July, six weeks after the disaster, and found the town coping very well.

The Réal river arrives at the north edge of the village, passes underground beneath the village center, and exits into the open through a little park area.

At the very north end of the village, heavy damage, but only a few shops still closed, including the La Terrace restaurant.

In the center, a large hole in the parking area in front of the mairie and the tourist office, beside the bandstand.

At the south end of the central area, where the river exits into the open, the edge of the

parking fell into the river, the the valley opened wider through the small park, causing damage.

Apart from these signs, there is no longer any damage apparent to the casual visitor. Shops and business are open as usual and most of the village seems untouched.

Hidden from the visitors, of course, are the many houses and buildings with the ground-floor and basement floors ruined by the flooding, and interiors, furniture and belongings destroyed interiors.

A local resident has provided a great service by posting on a street-side board, 50 or 60 photographs of Les Arcs in the midst of the flood and on the following day.

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