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Autoroutes in France

Travel Costs on French Autoroutes (Toll Roads)

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routesign French autoroutes (indicated by blue signs like this) are fast, limited-access toll roads (motorway, autobahn, autostrada, snelweg). Autoroute speed limit is 130 km/hr in good weather; 110 km/hr in rain or other bad weather. By law, and convention, you should stay in the right-hand lane except when passing (in spite of what you see everybody else doing).

Toll booths are Péages. Tolls can be paid by cash, cheque, or credit card, including Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, and most private credit cards (Total, DKV, UTA, etc.). Your account will be debited in the currency in which it is held (euro, franc, lira, DM, dollar, pound, etc.). You can use a pre-printed cheque made out in euros; the cheque must be endorsed "payable in France". You can pay in Euro Traveller's Cheques, except on the Escota network (the A8 Aix-Nice; A50-A52-A57 Toulon area; A51 Sisteron).

Petrol/Gas-station rest stops are located an average of every 40 km. Petrol/Gas prices are more expensive on the autoroutes than at stations on the "surface" roads. A 2001 law in France allows stations located within 10 km driving distance from the autoroute to post their prices on the autoroute.

Autoroute Information:
      Telephone: 33 (0) 147 059 001
      Traffic Radio: FM 107.7

Autoroutes - ASFA - Association des Sociétés Française d'Autoroutes (French, English).
Has an excellent Route Planning feature, giving times and costs. ("Itineraries et Peages")

Toll Costs

Sorry, but we've given up trying to keep up with the cost of toll roads in France, generally increasing annually or at an irregular pace.

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