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Sundials Photo Gallery

  •  Sundials photo nicesundial0009b.jpg

    1/6. Nice sundial. Quai Rauba Capeau between the Promenade Anglais and the old port.

  •  Sundials photo nicesundial034b.jpg

    2/6. Nice Cimiez. One of two sundials on the Franciscan Monastary at Cimiez, Nice.

  •  Sundials photo vachettesundial011b.jpg

    3/6. Vachette 1840 in situ. In the hamlet of La Vachette, Clarée Valley near Briançon.

  •  Sundials photo vachettesundial012b.jpg

    4/6. Vachette 1840 detail. By Zarbula in 1840 (covered an even older sundail); restored 1994.

  •  Sundials photo cavaillonsundial079b.jpg

    5/6. Cavaillon. Stone sundial on the Cavaillon cathedral; made in 1764, immediately after the cathedral was built.

  •  Sundials photo arcssundial0002b.jpg

    6/6. Les Arcs. Modern (1998) but very nice with its knight and damsel; Les Arcs (83)

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