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Lucéram Creches Photo Gallery

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0024.jpg

    1/19. Soapstone creche, Lucéram.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0046.jpg

    2/19. Life-sized creche, Lucéram. In a stable installed on the main square, made of plaster, by Isabelle Tillot/Risso and her family.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0022.jpg

    3/19. Wood cutter's creche, Lucéram.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0047.jpg

    4/19. The baker's creche, in bread, Lucéram. A large, unique display, inside the ancient bread oven (four communal), by Augusta and Marcel Maurel, Marie-Lou and Joseph Dallo.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0005.jpg

    5/19. Lucéram's creche bakery.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0045.jpg

    6/19. A real manger, real sheep, Lucéram.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0011.jpg

    7/19. Pipo's doghouse creche, Lucéram. By Christiane Ricort.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0008.jpg

    8/19. Neon creche - unlighted, Lucéram. This would no doubt be prettier at night.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0009.jpg

    9/19. Silhouette creche, Lucéram. Behind the transom above the doorway to one the houses along the street.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0071.jpg

    10/19. The knitter's creche, Lucéram.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0036.jpg

    11/19. The grande crèche provençale, Lucéram. Only part of the large creche depicting the town of Lucéram, in the Chapelle St Pierre.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0041.jpg

    12/19. The grande crèche detail, Lucéram. The left end of the large creche in the Chapelle St Pierre; notice the detail of the ducks in the water (lower-right).

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0060.jpg

    13/19. Ceramic wall creche, Lucéram. by Jean-Pierre Gault, displayed in the Musée de la Crèche.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0058.jpg

    14/19. Creche in a gourde, Lucéram. By Marc Calmet, displayed in the Musée de la Crèche.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0059.jpg

    15/19. Landscape gourde creche, Lucéram. By Marc Calmet, displayed in the Musée de la Crèche.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0052.jpg

    16/19. Creche village in a barrel, Lucéram. By Eric Otto, with buildings by Maisons Gault; the figurines in the foreground are blurred because they were moving.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0079.jpg

    17/19. Chalet creche, Lucéram. Just part of a large display inside a stone "lavoir", the water running into the basin at the side.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0069.jpg

    18/19. Medieval village creche, Lucéram. By Dominique Barralis, displayed in the Musée de la Crèche.

  •  Lucéram Creches photo luceramcrech0030.jpg

    19/19. African creche, Lucéram. Made by Lucéram's wool spinner, located inside her house; motivated from her having lived in Chad many years ago.

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