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Charrettes Photo Gallery

  •  Charrettes photo rognonas-st-eloi0099b.jpg

    1/5. A Charrettes de fetes at full gallop in Rognonas, with kids chasing - its pulled by a string of over 20 draft horses

  •  Charrettes photo rognonas-st-eloi0070b.jpg

    2/5. A Charrettes de fetes with about 20 horses on parade in Rognonas

  •  Charrettes photo rognonas-st-eloi0081b.jpg

    3/5. The Rognonas Charrettes de fetes procession with a period farm family, including kids, at the head

  •  Charrettes photo rognonas-st-eloi0084b.jpg

    4/5. Little kids hanging on the the tall horns of the Saracen harness of the Charrettes de fetes horse

  •  Charrettes photo rognonas-st-eloi0088b.jpg

    5/5. With the horses of the Charrettes de fetes at a gallop, the handlers are trying to: run them, keep up with them, and keep from falling.

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